Piano Ten Thousand Leaves - 9th Selection Album

  1. for I never saw true beauty till this night
  2. the song of distant you
  3. awareness telling
  4. little angel
  5. remnant of your christmas
  6. song of innocence
  7. ranunculus secret
  8. memory of autumn rain
  9. claire love
  10. moving forward each other all our lives
  11. my loving heart
  12. next to you
  13. perceiving when love begins
  14. anything for you
  15. an illusion of memories
  16. like the gentle wind

"To Fill Minds of All the People with Gentleness" In order to realize this vision, I'm executing "piano ten thousand leaves(pttl)" project, in which I upload short improvisation based "Pure Piano Music" every day. Their features are tranquil, intellectual, gentle and beautiful. I would be happy if I could realize the level of "Subtle and Profound" sound world, in Japanese, "Yugen", in future. Currently I've uploaded 1377 pieces(30.4%) @ Sep. 22nd, 2017 and I may complete this project in 2026 if I'm lucky enough.. This is 8th selection album of pttl. Happy if you would enjoy this music.

chair house

---- "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves" Project Leader ---- He creates one piece of calm and beautiful piano music every day and continues to distribute it over the world. His music is nature itself. Like the wind, like clouds, like waves, he naturally records the state of his heart as if it were an electrocardiogram. It reflects a calm and beautiful landscape in the listener's heart and evokes a gentle feeling. As "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves", he is already making a big circle all over the world. The concept is "fill the world with gentleness". He is working on daily creations to achieve the goal of 4536 songs. In September 2019, 2100 songs, 46.3%, were achieved, and the total number of plays reached 7 million worldwide. Currently working to achieve 2026 goals. ---------- Profile ----------- Born in Tokyo in 1955. Real name: Hitoshi Yasui. In the 1960s, he analyzed the secrets of the relationship between keyboard and music and established his own piano performance approach. Since then, daily improvements have been made. Entered the corporate engineer path in the 1980s. Since the 1990s, he has won many contests for CG, video, music, and other multimedia creation activities under the name of his family name "Yasui" in reverse means in English, "chair house". Started online music activities in the 2000s. In February 2014, started the "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves" project on soundcloud.

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chair house