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yahyel releases new single "ID" and their long-awaited music video by yahyel

Tokyo-based yahyel is releasing a new single, "ID.
It has been about a month since the single "Highway" was released in November, near the end of the year 2022, which suddenly broke the four-year silence and announced a new chapter in the band's history.
The noise of Tokyo in the name of yahyel, which erupts at a damming pace, does not stop.

The thick machine kicks that have been blaring since the beginning of the song create a regular framework, and over the cinematic synthesis that sway in phases, roaring falsettos and exploding guitars add an all-too-fleshy emotionality. If you are thinking of a bedroom music sound, you are in for a complete betrayal. yahyel, like their predecessors Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode in the past, are searching for a brand new identity between raw physicality and personal introspection. The body represents a universal human form that cannot be completely rational, nor can it act like a beast.

Need less to say, "ID" is an abbreviation of "Identification," a term that expresses the relative "proof" of an individual in society.
--- When I'm by myself, where do I go? "
In this shifting world , where we are expected to take a clear stance, the virtual identity becomes more and more important, and only the relative, not the subjective, state of the individual stands alone. We hang our IDs around our necks and pant in solitude.

In the long-awaited music video directed by Kento Yamada, a member of the band, yahyel, who has removed the fetters of anonymity, shows a half-crazed performance. In the video, the members are immersed in their performance, interspersed with Shimizu Maite's ghoulish contemporary dance, in the same red room, wearing the same skin-colored clothes, and playing the same music, but each member is "alone" on a spinning disk. If we compare the band's organization to a micro-society, their path may be a ritual of endless hesitation over their own identities and identification.

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