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Shiro Shinigami is a Japanese folk singer. This is his 2nd digital single. Rec.Mix.Master...Ihito Harasawa (SONIC BAND STUDIO) Cover Photo...manimanium Cover Design...Tomoe Ooshima (RiqrhoAre)

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iTunes Store • Folk TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 1 • 2 Aug 2021 Apple Music • Folk Top Songs • Japan • TOP 144 • 26 Sep 2021

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  • Shiro Shinigami

    Shiro Shinigami is a Japanese folk singer rapper based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been active since 2004 under the name Shinigami, playing guitar&vocal and drums&vocal and Butoh etc.He changed his name to Shiro Shinigami in 2018.He also started his career as a rapper in 2021. He has participated in the freestyle MC battle competitions Shin ADRENALINE Shinsei BATTLE Gaiden Hen and The 2nd Enjyo Banpaku Zan. Some of his best-known works include. Cows must be butchered (iTunes Store/Apple Music Folk Top MV #1 in Japan) Ningen Jukai (iTunes Store Folk Top Song #1 in Japan) Neboke Manako (iTunes Store Folk Top Song #1 in Japan) KamitoKami (iTunes Store Hip-Hop Rap Top MV #1 in Japan) Monologue (iTunes Store Hip-Hop Rap Top Song #1 in Japan)

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