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Miwa Shioya's first single "Know that the LORD is GOD" "Live" Sing, shout and dance!
 Send the Light in the darkness! Give HIS Life reaching out to you! 

A uplifting Gospel praise and a Gospel ballad that sings the depth of the Word. A piece full of the essence of Black Gospel music! Written by Miwa Shioya, Tatsuya Shioya < Psalm 100 >
Vocal : Miwa Shioya Keyboards and Organ : Yuta Yamamoto Drums : Mika Sweetbeats Bass : Keiichi Horii E. Guitar : Haruaki Odate Backing Vocals : KiKi choub, Kaori Yamane, Etsuko Sakanoue, Miwa Shioya, KOHKI, Tatsuya Shioya Produced by Tatsuya Shioya Arranged by Yuta Yamamoto Recorded and Mixed by Tsukasa Minegishi at STUDIO MARK *M2 vocal recorded by Tatsuya Shioya at LukeLeia Studio Mastered by Tatsuya Shioya at LukeLeia Studio Sleeve by Setsuko Sasaki Directed by Miwa Shioya Executive Producer : Miwa Shioya

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  • Miwa Shioya

    Miwa Shioya Born in Tokyo. She has been interested in music since childhood because her father was a trumpet player. While she was studying in Canada, she was scouted bya local jazz band and started her musical career. She became a christian and started working as a Gospel singer in the wake of a Gospel music workshop held at the US military Yokota base in Fussa, Tokyo. Since then, she has been a member of the Black church on the base for 10 years, serving as a choir director and minister during her tenure. She teaches concerts, workshops and choirs throughout Japan, and teaches Gospel at Junior high schools and vocational schools. She has been touring the United states for several years, co-starring and interacting with overseas artists. Taking advantage of her experience of being raised in a Black church, She is one of the few Japanese to convey the spirit of Black gospel worship to Japan not only in singing, but also in worship praise, choir instruction and messages. Singing the DVD ending theme song of Max Lucado's original "You are special" and participated in the album "God bless you" and many other recordings. In 2009, released the single CD "The Lord's Prayer" 2014 Duo album "You set me free" with her husband Tatsuya Shioya.

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