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The song is going viral on TikTok! PAIN's EP "WORLD P 2", whose MV is a big hit on YouTube, is finally released!

He also has a series of MVs that have been viewed 1 million times on YouTube.Please pay attention to future developments. The song is going viral on TikTok! The MV is a huge hit on YouTube!
PAIN's new EP brings together a variety of artists who are currently popular, including PIEC3 POPPO, Lil Jap, and TikTok's very popular Licking Candy.
The beat was also produced by a super talented production team including YamieZimmer, Koshy, and CREAM's Staxx T.
In addition, ZELE will appear as a guest on the remix of PAIN's first love song "8 Billion Minutes..." produced by CREAM's Staxx T, which was released in October, and that version will also be included.
A national tour in support of the EP will begin in February.
I can't take my eyes off PAIN's future movements.

PAIN Profile
Born in Gifu Prefecture in 2000.
Rapper/ I've been dancing since I was little, and started rapping seriously when I was 20. In the past, she has appeared as a support dancer at many live performances by EXILE, JSB, GENERATIONS, Maki Goto, etc. He also participated in commercials and music videos. He is active with an addictive original style that allows him to sing and dance. A presence that should not be forgotten in the next generation of HIPHOP world.
#Everydiasobi (REMIX) has become a huge hit on TikTok with over 15,000 UGCs. He is active every day as an artist for Generation Z.

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