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"prose-op.2" is a piano piece delicately depicting the fleeting nature of life. It allows listeners to forget the noise of everyday life and explore inner peace and the depths of emotion.

The simple yet beautiful piano tones intricately portray the life cycle of a flower. They capture the delicate moment of a flower's bloom, its peak of beauty, and the slow process of withering, with unpredictable musical developments reflecting the beauty and transience of life.

Each note evokes the elegance and ephemeral nature of life, reminiscent of petals opening and closing. The anxious harmonies and hidden beautiful melodies within them depict complex layers of emotion lurking within beauty.

It invokes deep empathy in listeners, reminiscent of the joy and simultaneous melancholy felt while gazing at beautiful flowers, leaving a quiet aftertaste.

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iTunes Store • Jazz TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 10 • 28 Dec 2023 Apple Music • Jazz Top Songs • Bermuda • TOP 127 • 3 Feb 2024

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Apple Music • Jazz Scene: Japan • 31 Jan 2024 Spotify • Best New Music: DIGLE SOUND • 9 Jan 2024

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