The Legendary vol.1 (Instrumentals)

  1. Intro -The Legendary vol.1-
  2. Hate Me Now (Instrumental)
  3. Thief's Theme (Instrumental)
  4. Nastradamus (Instrumental)
  5. Made You Look (Instrumental)
  6. Classic (Instrumental)
  7. Shine On 'Em (Instrumental)
  8. Streets Of New York (Instrumental)
  9. Fast Life (Instrumental)
  10. Life's A Bitch (Instrumental)
  11. If I Ruled The World (Instrumental)
  12. One Love (Instrumental)

This is Instrumentals hip hop album of Nas remixes!! Respect to Nas!! Please listen!!

Ghost Lamp

I'm a Japanese producer "Ghost Lamp" & DJ "Dj Choo". My style is "sadness" & "neo boombap". I established hiphop label "bold gamble records" in 2019. Check it now!!

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