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These songs are a combination of improvisation and natural environmental sounds recorded at the naturally cultivated peanut farm "Anbai Nouen" in Chiba Prefecture.

I visited "Anbai Nouen" several times and talked about various things, including what happened since the farm started and what they do on a daily basis. At the end, we also had a chance to experience harvesting.

This summer, we had a series of extremely hot days and little rain, so we watered them frequently, weeded them carefully, and disposed of diseased peanuts along with their plants, so that only really delicious peanuts could be harvested this fall. I did. Everything is made by hand, and each piece is filled with love.

I created this suite of three songs while imagining the people involved, including the members of "Anbai Nouen" , Mr. Umezu and Ms. Sanbongi.