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Wobble Tokyo

iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 8 • 26 Sep 2019 iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Turkey • TOP 59 • 4 Nov 2022

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Wobble Tokyo

Spotify • エレクトロポリス • 5 Feb 2020

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    A project by Shuhei Kurosaka. Producer, composer, lyricist, piano player, and founder of the Label "Office Premotion". It was named after "Peace from Japan", of which harmonious spirit and melody characterize his beautiful piano-featured sound. It has been on the axis of house music and pursued versatile music. Since the debut in 2006, he has released an album every year, and almost all of the works have ranked first in the Amazon rankings (CD) and iTunes dance charts. In 2020, "Wired Future" was premiered on,the world's largest EDM media, marking his entry into overseas markets. In 2021, he released "Off World", featuring various high-profile guests such as Romy Dya, known worldwide for her vocals on "So Far Away", a collaborative song with two major stars in the dance music industry, Martin Garrix and David Guetta, or Robbie Rosen for the finalist of American Idol. At the same time, he launched a side project called "EMO9Y", which focused on the theme of summer. In 2022, he released "FANTASIAS". As a result, since2020. he ranked #1 in the iTunes/Apple music dance charts in Austria, the Philippines, Macao, and Turkey, as well as #4 in Taiwan, #6 in France, and t#10 in Canada, not only in Japan. In 2023, he releases the new album "Middle of Nowhere".

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