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Cybernetic Thunderwarp


In a world of circuits and steel

Where humans merge with the unreal (Ooh-yeah)

Cybernetic thunderwarp awakes

A power that no one can tame

Let the thunderwarp roar in the night (Roar in the night)

Metal hearts ignite in the fight (Ignite in the fight)

No flesh can conquer the metallic storm

Cybernetic thunderwarp is reborn

As the stars witness our cybernetic rebirth

In the thunderwarp's symphony, we find our worth

Metallic hearts beating in harmony

In the cybernetic realm, eternally

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into the light Front Cover

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At night in Tokyo, skyscrapers line the night sky and the city is bathed in dazzling lights. The night view is as if the stars have fallen to earth, and the lights of the skyscrapers illuminate the city in a magical way. Tokyo Tower shines with colorful lights, and from the opposite bank of the river, the Rainbow Bridge lights up the night sky. The lights of highways and trains crisscross the city, and one can feel the breath of the city swaying in the night breeze. Glittering show windows and neon signs illuminate pedestrians, and the hustle and bustle of the night fills the city. Some of the views are of quietly shining parks and riverside areas, serene places in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Along with the beauty of the moment, Tokyo's nightscape simultaneously evokes the hustle and bustle, the silence, and the futuristic breath of the city

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