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This work is music (HIPHOP MUSIC) obtained by MISTA O.K.I with GEBO while tracing his musical roots.
What is "rebellious spirit, LOVE&UNITY"? A work that can be enjoyed while communicating with the listener (COMMUNICATION)
It's becoming GEBO, who sings the chorus soulfully, and SHUNAMI-produced TRACK, which has a sense of speed and melancholy, go well together. The music video produced by SHUNAMI's video team "417standerd" is also a must-see.

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    In 1997, DJ KENSAW gathered young MCs active in Kansai and released the classic song "OWL NITE". Participate there as a member of OWL NITE FOUNDATIONZ He became one of the MCs representing Kansai with the famous phrase "Peace chanted from Naniwa". With this work, RYW and WORD SWINGAZ were formed. In 2000, he invited DJ CELORY as a track maker and released his debut album "UNDA II OVA" from P-Vine. Gaining popularity with his rap style full of originality. The following year, he made his major debut with the single "Who's DA HUSTLA?" released from Future Shock. After that, they released 2 singles, but at the end of 2002, WORD SWINGAZ temporarily stopped their activities. In 2006, he released the album "THE FIRST" as ULTRA NANIWATIC MC'S formed with Gaki Ranger YOSHI, SHINGONishinari, 446, and DJ FUKU. In 2007, he released his solo album "WELCOME 2 DA 'O'ZONE". In 2010, he teamed up with RYW again and released "THE AWAKENING ~RE:UNDAII OVA 2010~" as WORD SWINGAZ. 2014 Released 2nd ALBUM "B-BOY STANCE" with T.A.M.M.I, SPINMASTER A-1, GEBO and Shigechiyo as guests. Released "INNOCENCE" produced by Loopaddict in 2022. In the same year, he established 728 Records with his friends from ULTRA NANIWATIC MC'S. Released "Aikazuzu" and "Chuukoccha". 2023 LIFE 2 LIVE will be released. With over 20 years of career, he is now the most greasy artist representing Naniwa.

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