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Debut single from PROMINENCE LOOP, a 6-piece Ageless & Mixed Gender band with a unique composition of keyboard instruments!
The sound and melody is a mixture of nostalgia and novelty, as if the atmosphere of the 80's was trapped in a can of sound called the modern age. Featuring guest vocalist YUIKO, this is a superb love song for all generations!

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iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 9 • 1 Sep 2023

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    The band is a magical progressive pop band formed by up-and-coming musicians Meme (electric accordion), Yuui (electric marimba), Yukarin (keyboards), Nagy (keyboards), and U-me (drums) under the direction of composer/arranger Seikou Nagaoka. The band is a magical progressive pop band formed with up-and-coming musicians such as Naggy (keyboards), U-me (drums), and others. The band's core is an electric sound that features colorful harmonies and chord progressions that only a keyboard-centered band without guitars or bass can produce, and they invite various vocalists and artists as guests for each song. The band's music is a combination of sophisticated pop melodies and profound and varied musicality that develops freely and transformably. The band's name comes from "Loop Prominence," a red flame that rises to the surface of the sun.

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