Let's play a hearty melody (feat. Kanata Murata, Naoki Ohkubo, Masatoshi Miyasaka & Shota Takeda) Front Cover

Let's play a hearty melody (feat. Kanata Murata, Naoki Ohkubo, Masatoshi Miyasaka & Shota Takeda)

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Even if the environment changes
I will appeal something with a core,
It's a song about such a strong person.
I hope it will be your cheer song for living in the present.

The completed version of the same title, which was recorded exclusively on the CD version of the previous work "YO".
Kobayashi's friend from high school, unit note LaBo!
With Masatoshi Miyasaka, who was active in music, on the piano
Produced by Shota Takeda, who also performs TUBE on Sunday.

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    Born April 1, 1991 (30 years old) AB type born and raised in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture My hobbies are watching anime, Hanshin Tigers and railways, my own temples, and Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. [Elementary school to junior high school] Encounter the fun of singing in a local choir, Train your throat in the outfield seats of the Hanshin Tigers. [High school days] Belongs to the light music club and acts as a guitar vocalist in a band. Seeing people crying for their songs at the school festival at that time Make a decision to become a professional. Enrolled in the vocal department of Kamata School of Nihon Kogakuin, While learning vocals, on acoustic guitar Dedicated to support performance. For on-campus auditions while attending school Pass and experience May J.'s chorus. After graduating, he studied under the late Kazuhito Murata, a singer-songwriter. Learn to sing and write songs. Currently, while performing live activities by playing and talking more than 4 times a month Obtained a professional vocal instructor qualification from US Owners Company. From 6 to 86 years old in the same vocal class, according to age and needs Take a wide range of lessons together. [As my own music activity] From rhythmic ones, mainly cutting playing styles Producing songs of various genres, including lyrics, up to ballads So that you can raise your name mainly in music activities I want to challenge various genres of work I am thinking. Also, as a self-project, Kobayashi Cover Challenge In about half a year, 50 J-POP songs and 50 anime songs, Upload a total of 100 cover videos to YouTube. Now with creator Shota Takeda Established YouTube channel "Yo TUBE" In addition to music, he is also challenging variety shows.

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