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「總水とおま」をメインボーカルとする音楽PROJECT「Shinshoku」による2nd CD「松明(しょうみょう)」

声を出して歌うことで、世の中に火を灯し、世界を照らしていく。 楽曲にはそんな願いを込めている。

總水とおまの持つソリッドなエッジ感、異次元を吹き抜ける様な疾走感、 また天と地を一定の周波数で結びつけている様なその独特な声の倍音からインスピレーションを受けた渾身の8曲で、アーティスト總水とおまを語ります。 声をあげて、光に変わる…そんな奇跡を起こすアイテムの完成です。

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  • TomaSource

    Toma Source Singer, Composer, Producer, Narrator Utilizing a spiritual sensitivity nurtured since childhood, (Using the spiritual sensitivity she has had since childhood) Toma receives requests from the "invisible world" of cosmic wisdom and the supernatural. Under the "Toma Source PROJECT," Toma weaves "sounds" and "words" to reach those who possess the power to guide the world with love. Performing at shrines, temples, and events both domestically and internationally, (in japan and abroad) Toma expands their presence in places like Hawaii, the UK, and Bali. ( She has also performed in Hawaii, the UK, and Bali) In her 2023 nationwide tour, she drew an audience of over 3,000 people. (In 2023, she toured Japan with a total audience of over 3,000 people.) - Toma Source PROJECT - "CHOJIGEN TRIPPER ISHTAR" God : A music guild that travels through the multidimensional universe, including the planet Menorah, the parent planet of Earth. "Shinshoku" Spirit : A musical project that projects the fluctuations of the human inner world through a series of vivid sounds. "Kamimusuhi" Ki (Energy) : A song unit singing melodies entrusted from various regions of Japan, adorned with scenes from ancient Japanese landscapes. "Emerald Tablet" Source : A project inviting listeners to the oldest scripture on Earth through sounds and words.

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