1. The Greatest Parade
  2. Star falls in our time
  3. Nazca
  4. Real
  5. Sky
  6. One by one
  7. Elephant
  8. Build to destroy
  9. Space_Love
  10. Love
  11. Light

The tracks on this work were ambitiously recorded in one take. With songs including "Nazca" "Light" and "Love", which have been popular at shows, listeners will be able to sense the world of HEA in its true form.

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iTunes Store • ロック トップアルバム • 日本 • 73位 • 2019年10月3日


About " HEA" HEA (pronounced "hee-a")  is a Tokyo-based band active from 2017, formed by Ervin Oyama (vocals/guitar), Akito Oyama (vocals/guitar), and DOI (drums/percussion). Later joined by Megumi Mashiro (vocals) and TOKIE (bass guitar), the now five-member band will release a full album.The intimate yet imaginative lyrics, embracing beautiful harmonies, and dreamy, sparkling sounds will transport the listener to other landscapes.

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