Trial & Error / 阪神 総一 歌素材集 2022 vol.1のジャケット写真


Veridical Greed


A gloomy devil was born in my dry soul

The ignition is the beginning of fuckin' sweet downfall

Like spread deep crimson fire

Satisfy my desire

And raise another one

Dry as a bone

I buried my redemption

Dry as dust

I know what I'm doing

Follow my greed

The doomed road is never return

Hiding death behind me but your eyes are closed

Now we start to sinister commedia

Straying in inferno

Can't touch Paradiso

Dry as a bone

Slay enemy your sickle

Dry as dust

I knew who you are

This is my greed

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    阪神 総一

Trial & Error / 阪神 総一 歌素材集 2022 vol.1のジャケット写真

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