Deeper Lake - Felt

  1. Deeper Lake - Felt

"Phono Klavier Limited", as a conceptual music label which focuses releasing a solo piano piece only on digital platforms, to be launched for the purpose of exploring/introducing the notable modern classical composer/pianist in 2020s. This second release features Italian composer/pianist, Andrea Viscardi whose debut single "Deeper Lake" is a very lovely, intimated piano piece. it's a perfect for piano/classical playlists such as peaceful, meditative, study, sleep and al. As a composer, Andrea wrote the music for the documentary Cue the Muse, which won the prestigious Canadian Leo Award and received a nomination for the Emmy Award in 2014. With Deeper Lake, Andrea Viscardi makes his debut in contemporary classical music. Released in two versions, for piano and felt piano, this piece paves the way for listeners to establish a spiritual connection with their innermost feelings. Deeper Lake represents a new undiscovered facet in Andrea's artistic research, which spans from classical to electronic music.

Phono Klavier Limited