Goodbye to City Lights

  1. Club with live music
  2. Boilie
  3. Lamenting passing of spring
  4. Rendezvous
  5. To my room
  6. Dog
  7. Footprint
  8. BABY
  9. Creaker
  10. Spark
  11. Like night

First full-album of a three-piece rock band "THE RADIOCASSETTES" based in Kichijyoji,
Tokyo, consisting of 12 songs containing such as "Club with live music", "Dog", and "Rendezvous", and the like which have been anticipated to be recorded in a CD.
Each band member engages in lyrics and composition, and the three members separately sing not only chorus part but also a main part.


Rock band "THE RADIOCASSETTES" mainly based in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Enchanted by various good music and formed around a vocalist Hideki Yamashita. All band members are in charge of lyrics, composition, and vocal performance (main chorus), and value a poetical turn of mind more than anything else. Appeared on "SUMMER SONIC". Awarded with .a Grand Prix artist in the audition "Knock' on TOWER's DOOR" sponsored by Tower Records. Inc, and received all prizes of the audition. Released a first mini-album "THE RADIOCASSETTES " of a nationwide distribution version as a Tower Records recommended item "Recommendation by Tower Records". Energetically co-headlined a national tour. Released a second mini-album "Manma!". Released a third mini-album "Dakishimetai". Restarted as a three-piece rock band through a hiatus period after leaving of a guitarist in 2016. Released a single "Torowa" containing three songs. Appeared on "ARABAKI ROCK FEST" and "YATUSI FESTIVAL!". Released a short movie "HOME AND HOME" (special entry to MOOSIC LABO 2017) made by a film director Akira Osaki, receiving "Highest award of music category in Yokohama Independent Film Festival 2017" Wrote a theme song and an inserted song of the newest film "SUGITEYUKE ENTAIJUDAI" made by a film director Hana Matsumoto. Performed a first overseas live in the event sponsored by Live Distribution Application in Beijing, China. Held voluntarily planned lives continuously for three months and closed the final one-man show at a club with live music "Marble" in Shinjuku with all tickets sold out. Singing warm "modern good music" cuddling to the life of a listener with outstanding chorus work as a weapon while subliming old good music.

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