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New song for the first time in about two years since the EP "Time" released in the fall of 2020. A mellow disco number that gives a glimpse of the future direction of the band.

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  • Os Ossos

    The band was formed in Nagano and performs mainly in Tokyo. It changed its name from its previous name and will become Os Ossos in 2019. The members are Hiroki Uehara, Takuya Horiuchi, and Yoshihiko Sakurai. While creating music freely using various instruments without the framework of a band, Horiuchi and Sakurai will move their base to Nagano in 2021 and set up a private studio. With a super DIY spirit, arranging, recording, mixing, and doing everything themselves, they are working hard on their next album in 2024. They are exploring experimental and pop music where nostalgia and novelty coexist.

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