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IRON ATTACK! is the top artist of Japanese doujin music!
They made the concert in Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Switzerland ...and Paris (with Yoshiki from X JAPAN) successfully!
This is a new masterpiece!

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Knockin' on the bright door

iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 33 • 2 Jan 2021

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    IRON ATTACK! is one of the most popular Otaku band in Japan. Their CD sales is over 4000 per title and the world tour was a success as they played in many countries like JAPAN EXPO(Paris), Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand... and everywhere in Japan. in 2013, IRON ATTACK! made their major debut. and providing many songs to voice actor/actress, video games.

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