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To live is to fight, and N0NAME's anthem for life!
Live through this era!

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  • N0NAME

    Formed in 2017. From Nagoya. They are the hottest group , and the most difficult to get tickets for their live. They will start their activities in June 2020 with a new organization. All of their singles have received tie-ups, and the group is gaining momentum. They are known not only for their exceptional looks but also for their performance skills. I can't take my eyes off them. On August 15, 2021, they will hold a one-man live "2021 CRUISING TOKYO" at Shinjuku ReNY. On July 27th of the same year, they will release a CD single with the same title "CRUISING TOKYO". The name "N0NAME" comes from the meaning that "good things don't need a name.

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