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Debuting with the song "ASOVI ASOBASE ASOVIST," ASOVISTA, formed under the "SHIP!! Idol Project" by KonoMe Music, is renowned for this track! Produced by LOVE ANNEX, the song incorporates electronic sounds, handclaps, and other pop elements, ensuring an electrifying experience during live performances.

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    ASOVISTA is a five-member idol group consisting of Amastuka Sono, Shion Yunoa, Yuri Himeno, Raika Himeyoi, and Neko Rio. Originating from the "SHIP!! Idol Project" managed by the official live-streaming agency, all members are actively engaged as live-streamers. Their concept revolves around "orthodox," "playfulness," and "individuality," singing upbeat songs to convey their desire for recognition of their uniqueness.

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