That was late at night/In the next town Front Cover

That was late at night/In the next town

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    NDARICCA It is read as Ndarika. while playing rough guitar Sing a tough song. Occasionally fanning with tracks and dubs dance or scream. One person or not one person. Be eccentric and aggressive. Everything goes according to primitive desires. So far, 2008 "Hanautaridim" 2013 "corexotica" 2016 "ndaricca Nation" 2018 "ethnoism" 2020 "ARI / Something Missing" 2020 "Rough Guitars and Tough Songs" In order to follow the sounds and songs that spring up from time to time, he has been creating works ambitiously without setting a fixed style. And in 2023, For the first time as NDARICCA, Full album for the first time in 15 years as a career Released "rather in big chance". Genreless and borderless. The ongoing NDARICCA, which makes the most of its miscellaneous senses, Rather a little highest masterpiece.

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