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Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Austria • TOP 156 • 18 Feb 2023

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Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 18 Jan 2023 Spotify • Pluto Selection(Biweekly) • 23 Jan 2023

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  • colormal

    colormal is a band from Osaka, Japan. The band consists of Ryo Ienaga(vocal&guitar), Matsuyama(bass), Yasasaku(guitar), and Tainaka(drums). colormal started in April 2015 as a home recording solo unit of Ryo Ienaga. His first mini-album "merkmal" released in 2018 was produced only by him and his friend(Mabase Records), but attracted a lot of attention, including comments from Shinoda (hitorie / cakebox), and became a work loved beyond the scene. In 2020, the band was reorganized with the current members. Their 2nd mini album "diode" released in May, 2023 ranked first in the weekly chart of Disk Union, and the release event held with mao sasagawa was a great success and sold out immediately. Ryo Ienaga is also expanding his activities as a guitarist and arranger, participating in the music of Reina Ueda and producing the music of Gestalt Girl.

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