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This song is set in the early morning hours, specifically at 3:00 AM, just before dawn. It captures the unfulfilled feelings and lonely scenes of everyday life. The song is filled with a poignant sound and portrays a world where only two people exist, melting into the night. The artist is responsible for every aspect of the song, from lyrics to composition and arrangement.

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Apple Music • J-Pop Top Songs • Trinidad and Tobago • TOP 82 • 4 Nov 2023

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Spotify • 週刊プレイリスト • 4 Nov 2023 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 30 Oct 2023 Apple Music • 78 musi-curate TuneCore Japan zone • 7 Nov 2023 Apple Music • New In: J-Pop • 3 Nov 2023

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    Hailing from Saitama Prefecture and born on March 25, 2004, this artist with blood type B is a rising star at the age of 19. Their arsenal includes a melodic voice with occasional breathy tones and rhythmic rap skills. They blend pleasant melodies with a chill sound, and they handle everything from lyrics to composition and arrangement themselves.

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