Front Cover

Dream for Everyone

  1. The Wings
  2. In the Future City
  3. Calm Mind
  4. Sunlight Filtering through Trees
  5. Spring Sunlight
  6. Time of Silence
  7. Newmoon Light
  8. Dream for Everyone
  9. Door of Wisdom
  10. Kindly Care
  11. Road to Tomorrow
  12. Will Power
  13. Without Waiting for the Spring Breeze
  14. Blue Sky
  15. Roadside Flowers
  16. I Believe in You

This album is the music of healing with the synthesizer. These songs heal your everyday fatigue and let the heart of the listener soften.

Nobuya Kobori

Nobuya Kobori He composes all kinds of music. He plays piano music. He sings English or Japanese songs. He writes English or Japanese lyrics. He controls DJ turntables. He produces all kinds of musicians and he collaborates with all nations of them. Please go to the links, and listen his music. Nobuya Kobori Website Mail

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