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One year has passed since the last "We Burn e.p.". This e.p. has evolved even further!
Let's talk a little about the three songs on this e.p. and how we feel about them!

The first part of this song was conceived more than a year ago, but the production never got underway. It was a song that took a long time to complete anyway, and about halfway through, I stopped working on it, as it became a mission. It was then that the rest of the song came to me, and I finished it. So the song, including the lyrics, became a song that represents our year!

From the monotonous and monochrome A melody, the song gradually becomes more colorful, and the chorus takes us into a happy everyday life! The C melody is about feeling the scorching sun and living for another day! These days are like art!

Many things have happened since I've been in the band.
We will continue to stand at the live house holding all the encounters and partings, the happy and the sad! This song is about that.
I hope this song reaches everyone we have ever met! I want to sing the chorus loudly with everyone!
Kento Ozone