My Seasons II - Affinities -

  1. SAKURA-Hakanaku
  2. A Summer Fete
  3. 12 Variations on "Akatombo"
  4. Haltz
  5. Lazy Waltz
  6. Maple Waltz
  7. Wintry Waltz
  8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  9. Sleet from Snow
  10. Glorius Season's Poetry
  11. Valse Lente

Violinist "Yuichiro Goto" plays the season's familiar songs and the seasons he imagines with original songs, the second in the "Shiki" series!
An original song that feels the season centered on the waltz suite "Shiki", and a variety of private season sounds with innovative arrangements to familiar tunes such as "12 Variations on Akatombo".
The accompaniment violin and accompaniment violin duo that are the core of the "Shiki live", as well as the violin and piano familiar in the private concert.
And the first self-produced song produced by the sound production unit "You-shin", with a pop composition using the rhythm instruments with the current track make, and a variety of songs and compositions! Contains 11 songs.

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Yuichiro Goto

I began the violin at the age of four, and graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1990. As a soloist and chamber musician, also various orchestra concert master, and activities in various parts At a wide range of fields as a violinist. 1997, put in the activities of the Tokyo Pops Orchestra, which had served as a concert master visit to New York, playing at the United Nations General Assembly halls and Carnegie Hall and I worked as a soloist. In the field of chamber music is to experience a large number of string orchestra, about 6 years from 1989, to perform a performance activity in various places as a soloist and concert master of the Tokyo Vivaldi Ensemble. In addition to challenging the J-POP and film music in the style of a new string quartet on the base, its own CD production and concerts by the Tokyo pop quartet that serves as the music director, the activity is a wide variety along with the music to take up. As the band activities, as a member of the 'G-clef',participated in the two albums of the 'Pell-Mell' & 'Goemon'. TV appearance, it will leave after the live, such as about two years activities. Then begins to electric band, In his own band of organization that violin and clarinet and guitar and cello "The Dynamites" do an album production and live. Among them, in 1998 in The Dynamites's first released from completely original album "Colorssic" the VAP record SSPP label. From among them, it has provided the music to a large number of CM music. And in 2001, it released "Bakuretsuteki Misora ​​Onban" which featured the music of songs It is a famous singer of Japan "Hibari Misora" ​​from Columbia Records. Then released in succession the "Bakuretesuteki Beethoban" which raised tailoring the four major symphony of Beethoven to The Dynamites sound than U "Records. Also, In the 1999 3rd Osaka International Chamber Music Competition & Festa, will be awarded the special prize go to the only main draw as a group of Japan. In addition, you can participate in a number of artists of concert tours, while working in the studio work by recording, Film music, CM music, such as self-group of, CM and Film music as work orchestrator, composer such as mobile content, J-POP along with multi activities as strings arrange and track make such recordings arranger, as the project is currently serving as its own life's work, to represent the season in the sound advocated the "Sound of My seasons", and to the long-awaited 2002 Released the solo album "My seasons", in the center of my season concert is based on the second album, "My seasons II" that was released in and made 2015 first time in 13 years from previous work, And without putting time, it'll be series three kind of crop of release in October, 2017 focusing on an unaccompanied violin song, based on "My season III", it is while enrich the activities as a solo artist.

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