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iTunes Store • J-Pop トップソング • タイ • 19位 • 2020年11月4日

Yoshiko Sengen

Real name: Fumika Shimizu. Actress. Born on December 2, 1994. Hometown: Tokyo. Debuted at 13. An exclusive model for the magazine, Love berry. Came into the spotlight when she played the female lead role in the 2011 TV series, KAMEN RIDER FOURZE. Since then, she has done much work in movies, dramas, plays, etc. In 2015, she played the role of the protagonist's classmate in NHK's TV drama series, Mare. Ranked No.1 on the celebrities' net news ranking for the first half of 2017. She played the female lead role in the 2018 movie, Saraba seishun, saredo seishun and sang the theme song, "Nemurenu yoru wo koete." She sang the song with passion during the Tokyo Dome event on August 2, 2017, and it became popular among many people.

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