Blue (feat. Aya Tomoda)

  1. Blue (feat. Aya Tomoda)

Kotaro Saito's singles "Byo no ma" and "Brainstorm" released in 2018 have successfully attained top and second positions within Spotify Viral 50 Japan.

He has released new songs two months in running. The new single "Blue" features Aya Tomoda. By uniting both classical violin and electronic music elements, which have been influencing her from a very young age, Kotaro Saito has produced a song full of vitality, with his symbolic synthesizer and piano sounds that are explosively dynamic and incredibly high in quality.

Sounds are profoundly intelligent as well as compelling. This song will let you imagine a sea, crystal blue sky, expansive scenery, therefore would be a perfect song to listen to on your way to work, when going out for a drive on your day off, as well as start of a brand-new adventure.

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iTunes Store • インストゥルメンタル トップソング • オーストラリア • 1位 • 2020年7月12日 iTunes Store • インストゥルメンタル トップソング • アラブ首長国連邦 • 186位 • 2019年8月6日

Kotaro Saito

Composer & Music Producer. Spent the three years of junior high school in India and during that time taught himself piano and songwriting. After graduating from Keio University he joined Hakuhodo and after five years working there he went independent and began creating music for commercials, stage productions, and shows. In 2018, "Byo no Ma" and "Brainstorm" ranked in at 1st and 2nd respectively in Japan on Spotify Viral 50. In 2019, he collaborated with many different artists; releasing a song every month. Currently, the total number of plays on Spotify have exceeded 3 million. His songs are liked throughout the world, especially in Asia, Europe, the US, and Japan and he is gaining increasing attention as he expands his influence to giving speeches and writing columns among other activities.

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