Mirror of forest / Mirror of city

  1. Thema of mirror of forest
  2. Leaving the city
  3. Load to foot of mountain
  4. Hint of forest
  5. Ripple of heart
  6. A small spring deep in the forest
  7. Heartbeat of forest
  8. Forest air
  9. Thema of mirror of city
  10. Morning of forest
  11. Departure from the forest
  12. Light of the road
  13. Memory of the city
  14. City lights
  15. End roll - Memories of the forest

Instrumental album centered on the piano
"Tired person go to the forest and healed and come back home"
15 songs Composed Based on a fictional story.
This CD was made for BGM of Cosmetic shop of "Daimaru" Department store at KYOTO city in Japan on 2017.


Slow and Dance Music. Piano, Fender Rose, Harmonium(Organ), Melodion. Sometimes singing. KYOTO, Japan.

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