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"sonorite" is the talented composer Teruyuki Nobuchika's latest work - his long-awaited 2nd original album after the critically acclaimed 1st original album "morceau" (schole records, 2009). Having composed so many cinematic scores for films and television drama series, Nobuchika decided to adopt a fresh approach in his 2nd original album - to explore the possibilities of the piano. Using piano as the only instrument, Nobuchika beautifully crafted his signature melodies and sounds that magically transformed the moments of everyday life into scenes as if there were taken from a movie - they are simple, but yet rich, beautiful and undoubtedly breathtaking. "sonorite" is a classical and yet contemporary piano suite by Nobuchika that will surely makes one tremble with delicate emotion.
Its subtle emotional sounds closely resembling wonderful works by peer pianist like Goldmund, Johann Johannsson, Hauschka. This long awaited original production is the 3rd co-release from mü-nest (Malaysia) and PLOP (Japan).

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