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Smurphies' Fearless Bunch Proudly Presents " Nuevo Tiempo "

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 27 • 30 Aug 2023

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Smurph Rock Steady

Spotify • キラキラポップ:ジャパン • 5 Sep 2023

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  • Smurphies' Fearless Bunch

    Emerging from the 90s sound-focused collective "Asteroid Desert Songs" (A.D.S.), this electro-hip-hop trio came together in 1997 after A.D.S. went on a break. The group consists of three members: Majiare Tai Kah RAW, known for his distinctive high-pitched chipmunk-like voice and also handling the mic and drums; Compyuma, who takes charge of the turntables and more; and Akira the Mind, responsible for bass, keyboards, and more. They openly embraced their love for various musical styles rooted in the 80s Hip-Hop scene, such as Old School Hip-Hop, electro, Miami Bass, and Latin Freestyle, while also delving into the world of edit music. Their aim was to infuse the cuteness and fresh appeal of Hip-Hop into their work, transcending the boundaries of clubs and live performances, and incorporating experimental elements. They contributed tracks to a number of compilations, including "KILLED BY BASS" (1997), "ILL-CENTRIK FUNK VOL.1" (1998), "Impactful UFO - REMIX" (1998), and "E2-E4 2001 -Inspiration from E2-E4" (2001). In 2007, they released their debut album "The Unique Personalities and Progression of the Smurf Boyz". That same year, they collaborated with SPACE MCEE'Z (Robo Chuu and ZEN-LA ROCK) to drop the studio session album "WUKOVAH SESSIONS Vol.1". After Majiare Tai Kah RAW (Takahiro Muramatsu) sadly passed away in 2017, the group effectively went on hiatus. Nevertheless, in 2021, their album "The Unique Personalities and Progression of the Smurf Boyz" was reissued on analog format. Now, in the summer of 2023, following a subscription release, they have plans to unveil a series of early archival recordings in the upcoming fall.

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