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New single "Wind and Sea" by Fukuoka based HIPHOP group " Soutai Kitakubu" is released on 2021/9/15!

This song "Wind and Sea" is a song of love in one summer, which everyone has experienced.

The end of summer, wishing for another year.
It's a melancholic summer day in Soutai kitakubu.

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Wind and Sea

Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 18 Sep 2021

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  • Sotaikitakubu

    Fukuoka Tenjin Road tripper. A musical unit consisting of Slyyb, Tilla till tiller, and Qwerty. The three, who have been living their separate lives in Fukuoka, met while spending time in the same city of Tenjin, Fukuoka, in the era of Heisei and Reowa, and coexisted through music, fashion, and culture. In July 2019, they will release their first EP "Sotai Teki Seisei" and start live performances and other musical activities, and in January 2021, they will release the music video for the song "Leave early" as part of the "Fukuoka City Culture and Entertainment Support Project. In January 2021, they released the music video for the song "Leave early" as part of the Fukuoka City Cultural Entertainment Support Project.

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