Gotochi Band Archive episode φ

  1. Prologue Regional of the Entertainment
  2. hikari
  3. Stronger
  4. Shirao no kitsune
  5. chocolate
  6. nariyamanaiikikatawo
  7. yoru
  8. kasukabe disco
  9. end roll
  10. akai ito
  11. country man
  12. asobouya
  13. atom
  14. iunareba
  15. Hikari (Karaoke Ver)
  16. Stronger (baby shout mix)
  17. Shiraonokitsune (Karaoke Ver)
  18. chocolate (Karaoke Ver)
  19. nariyamanaiikikatawo (Karaoke Ver)
  20. yoru (Live at BIS COTTO, Totori, 2012)
  21. kasukabe Disco (BWC Blue Tree's mix)
  22. End Roll (Karaoke Ver)
  23. akaiito (Karaoke Ver)
  24. Country Man (Karaoke Ver)
  25. asoboya (Karaoke Ver)
  26. atom (Karaoke Ver)
  27. iunareba (Karaoke Ver)

Gotochi Band

It's GOTOCHI, so the musical genre is G - POP. A plan has started aiming at 2002 "musical J League-ization". Throughout the length and breadth of the land, in, the person who sings with the theme of "improvement of an entertainment and cultural exchange", the person who makes music, the person who does something by music and the person who likes music! I participate with , and the person who hears variously. The genre is also colorful with a chorus group from rock with a professional amateur amateur and the public, and men and women don't care, and the age is also wide and participation GOTOCHIBANDO exceeds an area and a country. Can I have music filled with "love" pleasantly?

Gotochi Band archive episode φ

"GOTOCHIBANDOAKAIBU" the 5th compilation album is release. It had been decided to release it within the rei Kazumoto year from plan at first. Primarily, [area] arrives at GOTOCHIBANDOAKAIBUSHIRIZU, a name of the year was also reiwa, so it was said to be when it was said to be "reiwa" = "0" (ZERO) "total = story" (EPISODO) in the title, and I could deliver new musical "love" the time of reiwa, and I made it "GOTOCHIBANDOAKAIBU episode φ". Please hear by all means.

Jacket Photographer by Kaji Yumi(kajimama)

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