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Izumi Makura "Cloudy EP" is composed of the inserted songs of the movie "Hot Gimmick Girl Meets Boy" released on June 28, 2019.
"Cloudy" and "Not" were newly written for this time.
"Hot Gimmick" is a youthful love story created by Yuuki Yamato who has given a shock to the Japanese movie world with the "Drowning knife", a very popular girl manga with a cumulative total of 4.5 million copies drawn by Miki Aihara.

It is the ace of the national idol group Nogizaka 46 [Miona Hori] who plays the protagonist . [Hatsumi Narita] who suffers from the first love
Three men who live in the same apartment, the first classmate who holds the weakness, [Ryoki Tachibana] [Hiroya Shimizu]
I changed school, but came back after an interval of a few years old friend . [Azusa Odagiri] [Mizuki Itagaki]
The first three older brothers, [Shinogu Narita] and [Shotaro Mamiya], have gathered together young talents who will lead the future of the film world.

It will be a new aspect of [Izumi kurakura] created from the beauty of the director Yamato.

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