super fantastic dragon (Enjoy Every Moment Ver.) Front Cover

super fantastic dragon (Enjoy Every Moment Ver.)

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Enjoy every moment.
Summer song from Tokyo, Japan.
Let's ride on the super fantastic dragon.

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    Released on September 7, 2005 (Wednesday), the fiery sword "Macho Man" won the 1st place on the Shibuya Tower Records major general sales chart (daily chart) and the 1st place on the weekly indie chart! The hit song of that Village People, which made a big break in the 70's disco scene, is covered with a burning Eurobeat! The Lekkazan mini-album "Peptide" including the macho man will be released for the first time on October 10, 2020, on the memorable former Health and Sports Day! In addition, 4 singles of "AWAY" (unreleased version), "Weekends (unreleased)", "BEACH FLAGS" and "super fantastic dragon" will be released at the same time. In 2020, all 9 songs will be delivered for the first time with glitter and brilliance by Abbey Road Studios Mastering in the UK! Click here for the full lyrics of all songs and the link to the distribution site TOKYO 575 RECORDS Produced by TSUBURAYA MUSIC (2004-2006) Re Mastered at Abbey Road Studios (UK 2020) Digital Released by TOKYO 575 RECORDS (2020)

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