Caverd Memory

  1. Memory
  2. Unbroken of Freedom
  3. Prayer for Oneself
  4. Beautiful Silence of the Horizon
  5. My Bittre Killed
  6. Break My Heart
  7. Spread Under My Feet
  8. Proves My Existence
  9. All Will Suffer
  10. Black Dawn (Victim Ver)
  11. Unfinished...

2004-2018 Discography
released April 1, 2018

It has been 14 years since the formation, including singles from 2009, demos, splits, compilations, etc., but now only works that are almost out of print!
Started activities under the influence of euroedge metals such as ARKANGEL, REPRISAL, SENTENCE, CALIBAN, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MAROON, etc., and evolved into a metal core based on military new school / edge metal, but recently returned to the origin ! The board is an editorial board packed with their 14 years that continues to keep the activity in a military and edge metal style without blurring,
Strict military new school / edge metal and metal core evolved from it, showing the terrible drop and mossyness of the Osaka / Kansai band while incorporating the dramatic development in the overwhelming aggression that sharply and evilly inscribes / 11 songs created by GATES OF HOPELESS in OSAKA ! !

Ryuji Hashimoto : Vocals
Kazunori Sugiura : Guitar
Souta Ueda : Guitar
Yuko Yamada : Bass
Talow Hanaoka : Drums

Toru Shingaki : Guitar
Tatsuro Maeda : Bass
Go Matsumoto : Bass

All of this member 「Gates of Hopeless」

Gates of Hopeless

Gates of Hopeless are… Formed in 2004 A band from Osaka. Lyric Metallic x Militant New School Style The aggressiveness of evil militant riffs / metallic riffs and the lyrical nature that shows a magnificent and dramatic expanse, mosh parts at key points-deployment incorporating gentle ups and downs with beatdown, etc. Unfold the music you are particular about.


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