1. Chiheisen

Koji Nagamura

Born March 6, 1984 I am from Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture At the age of nine, I began to learn folk samurai adored to parents' influences and hakama appearance, first heard the Tsugaru shamisen at the age of 12, turned over to the Tsugaru shamisen after being struck by its power, skill and tone. After that, he won numerous awards at the national competition of Tsugaru Shamisen, and in 2005 he won the Tsugaru Shamisen National Convention in KOBE General Section. Since 2007, we have conducted live concerts with a band organization that added "Western Music Instrument" to the Tsugaru Shamisen called "Nagamura Koji with SoundSplash", exploring the possibility of a new Tsugaru shamisen while treating the goodness of the Tsugaru Shamisen, Kanazawa Ishikawa I hope to act vigorously towards the whole country and the world based on the city.

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