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Blue Nile is a band that produces a new type of instrumental music, led by guitarist and composer Hirofumi Okamoto. The album "Blue Nile /Blue Nile 1" is their first album.

The producer is ACOON HIBINO.
ACOON HIBINO is a composer and pianist of 528Hz music that affects the autonomic nervous system and regulates the mind and body.

The concept is simple music that grooves and beautiful melodies that express joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness.
Using the tuning of 528Ha music, which is said to have a healing effect by affecting the autonomic nervous system, we will provide borderless music that combines classical, jazz, folk music, and all other genres.

Hirofumi Okamoto (guitar)
Yuko Nishimura (violin)
Seiichi Yamamura (percussion)
Tomoya Uesaka (tabla)
Kazuo Ishida (bass)

African Slit Drum, Urizun Forest: Glen Kniebeiss (tabla)

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Blue Nile

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