New Journey Front Cover


Mask Girl


Tonight まわる dance floor

Move light 揺れる chandelier

Smooth like に溶ろける funk tune (Oh!)

入り乱れる desire

巡らせる tequila

Alright! 始まりの合図 (Oh! oh! yeah!)

さぁ look around


艶美なbody line



Open your heart

重なる瞳 微笑むhoney


Lose control 本能のままに

C’mon! マスク外し素顔見せて

嘘だ Oh! No!

違う違うreally sorry

I just wanna say good bye


迫るlow deep music


アガるgets me going

望むsecond time


Friday Night

再びlook around

見つけたsuper shine




けど逃したくないbig wave

Moreover 上がってくBPM



これがlast chance

C’mon! マスク外し素顔見せて

嘘だ Oh! No!

まさに女神 so beautiful

I just fall in deep inside

(I wanna know what turns you on )

(I always makes you smile )

(I wanna get to know you better.)

触れたいその唇 焦らされるstill 絡まる your feel

膨らむ期待 誘惑にrideI just wanna to ready go

C’mon! マスク外し素顔見せて

嘘だ Oh! No!

まさに女神 so beautiful

I just fall in deep

C’mon! 行こうよ2人だけの朝まで

嘘だ Oh! No!

突き放されて Oh My God

You just wanna say good bye

  • Lyricist

    Junki Maeda, Ryosuke Hagi, Ryoma Baba

  • Composer

    Junki Maeda, Ryosuke Hagi, Ryoma Baba, Kenichi Yufu, SILLY TEMBA

New Journey Front Cover

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Mileage 61,556km, street live 327 times, CD: 30,000 copies
The long-awaited full album is finally complete! ! 13 songs with true lyrics and beats born from real experiences, mixed with joy and sorrow. Excellent songwriting, singing ability, and beautiful harmony beyond the boundaries of a dance and vocal group. A must-listen board that you want to listen to even if you are not a fan! !

Artist Profile

  • Cool-X

    Cool-X Dance & Vocal Group Nagoya,Japan A member is vocal Maeda pure basis, Ryosuke Hagi, Ryoma Baba, five people of performer Mototsugu Hamanaka, Shota Azechi I achieve the mobilization of 1,019 people in "COOLEST-LIVE Special in ZEPP NAGOYA" which I held on December 22, 2018. I did it for debut one year four months and gained a major debut. On August 18, 2019, the second ZEPP NAGOYA one-man live was successful, On November 20th, he made his major debut with "Kimi to this town ~ NAGOYA LOVER ~ / Hands Up" from King Records. From his debut, he suddenly recorded the 7th place in the Oricon daily ranking (10th place in the week) and finally advanced to the whole country. In January 2020, with the radio station "ZIP-FM", which boasts overwhelming popularity and ability in the Tokai region. Collaborated and established a new label "ZIP-X". Released on March 18, 2020 "Burning !! ~ Dance With Me ~ / Haruka" recorded 7th place on the Oricon chart as in the previous work. In addition, the single "My Friend feat. SEAMO" released on November 4, 2020 with SEAMO, a big senior artist from Nagoya, as a guest performer is 3rd in Oricon Daily, 6th in the week and 9th in the USEN HIT ranking, ZIP- Won the 3rd place in FM TOP100. It attracted attention by recording the top of many national charts. After that, "Futari", which was released for distribution, also hit with USEN and recorded a smash hit. "Mirai", which was released continuously, was selected as D-Push !! by Daiichi Kosho DAM. Recently, the exposure to the media such as regular programs and guest appearances has been steadily expanding, and now it is the most vigorous group in the Tokai region.

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