1. Portrait
  2. LOST
  3. Everlasting Dream
  4. Far Away
  5. Blue Sky Road
  6. Prologue

The 2nd original alubm for the first time in 3 years by acoustic guitarist Ryosuke Kon.
Following the previous work, in addition to the piano performance by Jun Abe, also includes vocal songs lyrics by Kanata Asamizu(Representative song: "5 o'clock in Shibuya" "Sleeping desire" etc ...) .
His second album expressing new dimensions of his world beyond his usual solo finger style.

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iTunes Store • インストゥルメンタル トップアルバム • カナダ • 4位 • 2019年12月19日 Apple Music • インストゥルメンタル トップアルバム • メキシコ • 28位 • 2020年2月10日


iTunes Store • インストゥルメンタル トップソング • 日本 • 35位 • 2019年8月22日

Ryosuke Kon

Acoustic guitar player. Expresses the scene and mood of his songs through fingerstyle guitar playing and the use of various techniques to achieve his desired effect. In 2015, he released a mini album entitled [Blue Hour]. Music producer Jun Abe was invited to create the arrangement and play piano for the lead song "Blue Hour," and together they recorded the band performance version: "Blue Hour (Band Arranged Ver.)" In addition, a second mini album [Lost] was released, which included a vocal song with lyrics by Asahi Kanata (famous for her songs: "5 o'clock at Shibuya", "Sleeping Thought" etc...). In addition to his mastery of finger style playing, he hopes to share his own unique style with the world through live performances.

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