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One Small Step ~starry sky salad bowl~

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Nara-born singer-songwriter and actress Illy packed the songs of the stars and the universe into this album.

Supervised by the astronomical magazine "Hoshi Navi"
Contains songs with motifs such as "The Beginning of the Universe," "Meteor," "Saturn," "Milky Way Legend," "Greek Mythology," "Cassini spacecraft ," "Apollo Program," and "Earth."
A special book like an introduction to the starry sky.

In addition, a special recording of the song "SEED FOLKS" written by Illy for the NPO "World Theater Project" that delivers movies to children in developing countries. (The sales of this song will be donated to the World Theater Project in full, excluding expenses.)

Artist Profile

  • illy

    [ i l l y Profile ] A singer-songwriter/actress born in Nara, Japan. Her ethereal voice carries the lyrics upon the air, floating them to the listener's ear as a whisper or a warm embrace. Her singing is healing and gives you strength. Awarded first place in Musician Grand Prix Osaka. Appeared on "SMG-TV", a TV show watched by over 100 million people in Shanghai. She was praised for her multi-language (Japanese, Mandarin, and Shanghainese) performance. You can hear her songs on TV programs, on stage, in commercials, and on the radio. Her live performances have been at places like planetariums, observatories, movie theaters, shrines and temples, important cultural sites, public baths, sake breweries, Night zoos, botanical gardens, on ferry decks, music box buildings, The Three-star Garden, The Goto Islands, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and more. She has collaborated with Jomon Pottery made over 1000 years ago, and with all kinds of artists, including calligraphers. She continues her singing journeys throughout Japan and abroad. Currently, she is working hard on the "Starry Sky Series", where she writes a song for each of the 88 constellations observed by the International Astronomical Union in collaboration with "Hoshi Navi", a monthly magazine.

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