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Live recording of taiko drummer Chikushi Shuraku's 25th anniversary performance as a professional player.
Collaboration of taiko with western instruments such as piano, bass, flute, violin, TAP, and percussion. A work that expresses Japanese music and pursues the possibilities of taiko.
Here is one form of taiko music as Chikushi Syuraku sees it.

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  • Syuraku Chikushi

    He is the 20th generation head of Chikuzen Hakata Koma, the world's first koma-gei (frame art) with a history of over 470 years and designated as an intangible cultural asset by Fukuoka Prefecture. He has also studied and performed on the taiko drums used in Koma performances. In 2002, he made his major debut with the release of a CD album from Victor, and has participated in many other artists' CDs. He has also composed music for many other artists. He has performed in 14 countries around the world. He has been invited by the U.S. government to perform at the JF Kennedy Center, a quasi-national institution, and has also performed in many Latin American countries, including Colombia, at the national theaters of each country as a government-invited work. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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