Late Summer

  1. Story
  3. Boogie Woogie
  4. Lemonade (feat. Kenayeboi)
  5. Paris

Rinoh's 1st EP Late Summer"

Characterized by a jacket designed by French tattoo artist '' buraka tattoo '.
Fusion of Europe and Japan, no other style. Welcome to the New World.


RINOH is ARTIST in FRESH DUDE CREW who gathered naturally through the skateboard. As well as skaters, this crew consists of diverse members such as rappers, DJs, filmmakers, designers, graphic artists, Through music, video and apparel development Express the world view of FDC (Fresh Dude Crew). Skateboarding, music and apparel, always fresher actions wake worldwide, attract genreless heads. In a style that does not suffer with anyone Do not miss the upcoming FDC! !

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