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    In 1994, he made his major debut as a vocalist of "Kuroyume". In the midst of its popularity with its charismatic and message-oriented songs, in 1999, it announced a sudden indefinite suspension of activities. In the same year, he formed "sads" and the theme song "Boukyoku no Sora" of the 2000 TBS drama "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" became a big hit. The album "BABYLON" that recorded the same song recorded the 1st place on the Japan chart. In 2003, he made his solo debut with the DVD single "Aurora". 2004 David Bowie JAPAN TOUR Appeared as an opening act in Osaka performance. Released the 10th original album "JAPANESE MENU / DISTORTION10" in March 2020. In October, he published his autobiography "Kiyoharu".

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