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This is the second album by U.for, whose "Fader" featuring series released last year attracted a lot of attention in the subs scene, including being featured in a web interview, and their released songs have been selected in many playlists in Japan and abroad.

The classical R&B/Soul flavors and chill arrangements of the latest tracks are pleasantly sub-squeaky "The Call," "Meimu," and "Yowaki na baby.
The lighthearted tune "Freedom" is popular overseas, and the latest single "Bang Bang" is a danceable arrangement of Boogie and funky flavors that looks great live.
CHOCOLATE / Gear 2nd & U.for" with Gear 2nd, who collaborated on last year's release "Fader (feat. Gear 2nd)," sings with bottomless brightness with a groovy HIPHOP beat, light RAP and melody.

The album's limited edition includes seven songs, including U.for's first official cover of "beautiful / Ayaka," a soulful song reminiscent of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" and a chorus work that recreates the gospel chorus of the original song.
The album includes 7 songs in total.

The album is full of "U.for's Flavor," such as "flavor," "personality," and "sense," with life-sized lyrics that are sympathetic to the same gender, and songs and raps that depict feelings of sadness, passion, and joy over a variety of sounds. FLAVA".

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