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Hi, how are you? The long-awaited 6th album "High School, how are you?" Will be released on January 1, 2021! !!
2019 winter single "Awayuki", 2020 New Year single "The Love of Money is thief!?", spring single "Aprilfool of Love", summer single "Natsukaze Date" "Apple Candy", autumn single "oh!my god,dokidoki" Includes all "Pounding"! & 12 blockbuster songs including 6 new songs. This work, which is a calendar album with each song as a motif of each month, is a total of 12 episodes of high school comedy that summarizes the year 2020 of Hihawa or it seems to occupy 2021. It has become.

TETRA RECORDS Tomoyuki Natsume is the producer, and Tomomi Baba is in charge of recording and mixing. The artwork for the jacket is Masami Kuroki.

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High School, how are you?

Apple Music • Alternative Top Albums • Japan • TOP 113 • 5 Jan 2021

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Spotify • Monday Spin • 4 Jan 2021

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  • Hi,how are you?

    原田(ギター、歌)/馬渕(鍵盤、歌) 2011年 京都にて結成、男女二人編成。 2013年 曽我部恵一主宰 ROSE RECORDSから全国流通盤となる1st Album“?LDK”をリリース。 以後短冊8cmシングル、VIDEOTAPEMUSICとのスプリット7インチ、 アナログ10インチなど様々な形態でリリースを展開。 オリジナルアルバム計4枚、 カバーアルバム1枚をROSE RECORDSよりリリース。 2019年8月 TETRA RECORDSより最新5thアルバム「shy, how are you?」リリース。 取扱注意!右手にピアニカ、左手にギター、そして唇にジョーク。 マブくてあぶない二人組。勝手にしやがれハイ!ハワユー?

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