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AURA, which made its major debut on December 1, 1989, will release its full-length album "FANTASIA" on December 1, 2019, the 30th anniversary of their debut! After the guitarist PIE passed away in 2013 after fighting an illness, Taiji Fujimoto (currently from the band trick), who was active in "Judy And Mary", "DTR", etc., became a support guitarist. Let's enjoy the sounds of the five people! A new album from a unique genre based on the concept of the vocalist REDS, which is an album full of FANTASY, where each song is like a single! An album containing 10 songs including newly written songs! In addition, the original member and leader PIE's unreleased songs are also included!! REDS puts lyrics on PIE's phrase that won't fade, creating a timeless collaboration!

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  • AURA

    Acting mainly on the Hokko heaven in Harajuku, it was introduced as a TV program "Genius Takeshi's Energetic TV !!" or it became a hot topic by participating in "Miyake Yuji's Banding Chain Heaven", 1989 It debuts major, but in 1992 sudden activity pauses. Each member solo, after resuming activities in 2006 after band activities, in the year 13 the guitar PIE died at the end of the fighting illness. Afterwards we are putting support guitar in action. In May 18, I received † я i ¢ к Fujimoto Yasushi as a support guitar, released a new song "Beautiful way" which will be in about 10 years in single. After the release a nationwide tour is also scheduled.

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