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Great Living Room Music presented by Akasaka Kogei Onken and Satin !!

Under the guidance of the amazing Akasaka Kogei Onken we are extremely excited to introduce this album. Akasaka Kogei Onken is an expert in high-quality speaker systems used in professional studios such as SONY, Toshiba EMI, and Tamco Studio, as well as releasing a number of excellent recordings from his own label. An outstanding work performed from equipment selection under the supervision of the master engineer Yoshio Ishiwatari.

Sticking to one-shot recording in the living room, and aimed for "a sound like an artist coming to my room and singing in front of me", this type of recording is extremely unique and soulful.

Includes original songs such as "Tsubomi wo kazoeru hito" and "Small", we are honored to present Great Living Room Music.

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Ochanoma Ryoko 2

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Albums • Sweden • TOP 20 • 13 Nov 2022

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  • Satin

    [satin=さてん=café] 武藤康平(Vo&Gt)と武藤良子(Vo)によるアコースティックデュオ。2005年結成。2013年、赤坂工芸音研での最初のレコーディングを機に日本語の響きを大切にするスタイルに。同時に”さてん”と改名。2016年、同レーベルからリリースされたカバーアルバム「おちゃのまりょこう」はオーディオ各誌で高評価を受ける。各地でコンサート活動を行う。 公式HP「SATIN ROOM」:https://satin.link/

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